Front Line Worker Training

We offer free training for frontline workers to identify and support those in fuel poverty, during the lockdown this training can be given via Zoom. 


Please contact or call 01983 822282




‘Monergy’ Training

Our short fun Monergy workshops last under an hour, cost you nothing but could save your household hundreds of £££’s a year.

We explain the real costs of running everyday appliances and tips to reduce your energy and water bills.

Did you know you could get a discount of over £100 from your electricity company just by ringing them up?

Your showering could be costing you £500 a year!

Your old chest freezer could be running up bills of £15 a month!

In less than a hour we can give you the skills to understand your bills!

A group taking part in our fun ‘Monergy’ game or again during lockdown let us Zoom with your group!