The internal combustion engine has changed little in over a century!

Transport has now replaced energy and industry as the biggest contributor to CO2 in the UK.

Not traveling at all is something many of us have become accustomed to during the lockdown! This obviously has greatly reduced our CO2 emissions and air-borne pollution in general. Many employers will now be questioning why their entire workforce commuted in every day. Equally many employees may now wish to work from home at least some of the time. Whilst those who dislike modern technology will highlight the increased pollution from the technology used, overall remote working does cut environmental damage.

We need to question every journey we do, and make every journey count, car-share if you can. We can reduce time wasted, cut costs and reduce pollution. Cycling and walking are to become the new normal. Cars only used when there is no other option, which will be a challenge in the UK culture, where having a car can be a mark of status and success. The Isle of Wight is now recognised as having one the best rural bus services in England, and their free keycard is a convenient and cheaper way of paying.

Correct tyre pressure will save you fuel, as will not carry around a load of junk in the car. Avoid harsh driving – speeding followed by braking. Look at becoming a one-car family, or even a no-car family!

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