Trust urges ‘cut and switch’ to ward of gas price hike…

The Island’s Footprint Trust has responded to the news that British Gas is to increase of the price of gas and electricity by an average of 7%.

They recommend that consumers shop around to make sure they’re on the cheapest payment method and best deal for their energy, as they say that price can vary by up to £200 per year.

The charity also suggests that elderly and disabled people ask their supplier about ‘Social Tariffs’ which guarantee that vulnerable people get the best deal.

The Trust has highlighted Ebico as a possible solution to high fuel bills. This is the UK’s only not-for-profit gas and electricity supplier, which charges prepayment customers the same rates as credit customers. can be contacted on 0800 458 7689 .

“If you are considering switching to Ebico or any other supplier, it’s a good idea to compare energy tariffs first to see how their prices compare to other suppliers’” Said Ray Harrington-Vail of the Footprint Trust.

However, the Trust was quick to point out that switching suppliers and checking that consumers are on the correct tariff was only part of the answer.

“It is important that people insulate their homes and thus cut their overall energy bill. This can bring a saving of over £100 a year. Most average size house can be insulated for around £200 – thanks to a generous subsidy. Pensioners can generally have their homes insulated for free. Families with a low income can also benefit from free insulation.”

The Footprint Trust is happy to come and visit people in their homes to talk about ways in which they can reduce their fuel bills. They can also visit schools and groups and chat to young parents about ways in which to save money.

For more details of help available contact the Footprint Trust Energetic fueline on
82-22-82. or email them

Information correct as of 16th November 2010.