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We save most households £200 per year on their energy bills. We talk about tariffs and look to see how to reduce your energy and water use which will help you stay in budget. We also help people access grants and other assistance. Every year we help over 2000 people including young families, veterans, pensioners and disabled people.

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Saving money isn’t the only benefit of course. By being more efficient with energy and water use you cut carbon usage too! In just one year we helped with cutting CO2 emissions by over 500 tonnes!

We work in partnership with many organisations and indeed are supported by numerous organisations too.

To book, please email visits@footprint-trust.co.uk or call 01983 822282

Kindly supported by:

Newport and Carisbrooke
Parish Council


We are grateful to the support of Wight Community Energy for supporting our work in fighting fuel poverty http://iowcommunityenergy.org/


 Wootton Bridge Parish Council