Warmahome’s TopTips for keeping warm in winter

The Island charity The Footprint Trust have come up with ten top tips to keep warm, well and reduce your fuel bills….

Top 10 tips on keeping warm…

· Have at least one hot meal a day, and drink hot drinks regularly
· Keep moving – a little exercise will help keep you well even it it’s indoors
· Wrap up warmly whenever you go outside and always dress warmly for bed
· Wearing several layers of clothing keeps you warmer than one thick layer
· Keeping warm at home is vital. Your home should be heated to a temperature of 21°C, 70°F
· Keep one room warm if you can’t afford to heat whole house
· Close bedroom windows at night to keep the warmth in and the cold air out
· Keep curtains closed to lock in heat
· Fit a bolt to outside doors to make them fit snugly
· Reduce your heating bills by improving the insulation of your home

Contact Footprint Trust on 82-22-82 for the following…

1. free guidance on energy efficiency
2. details of grants and help available
3. a free home visit ‘energy check’ to help cut fuel bills