WarmerWight-plus – helps 300 people fight off winter blues…

Since November 2013 the local Footprint Trust charity have helped over 200 people stay warmer, thanks to funding provided through the My Life a Full Life programme, supported by the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Spectrum Housing, Southern Housing, Comic Relief and The Beatrice Laing Trust.

Staff from the charity’s Warmer Wight-plus project have visited people in their homes and have explained how to use their heating to best effect. They have also referred people onto other agencies which can help them further. Dozens of households have been signed up for grant-funded boilers and insulation, through the new national ECO initiative.

“Less people are in danger of going blue in the cold thanks to this initiative…”.said Ray Harrington-Vail The Footprint Trust’s National Heat Hero.

In all over £10,000 will be saved by those they have visited and spoken to so far this year. This includes those who have managed to get the Warm Home Discount from their electricity company of £135.

Much of the savings will come about thanks to Southern Water donating save-a-flush bags and 4-minute shower timers. Temperature gages given by SSE have also enabled households to monitor the temperature of their homes and keep them at 18 degrees Celsius rather than 21 degrees.

It costs around £75 pa per degree over 18 degrees. The Trust has also referred over 40 people to other agencies so they can get assistance with other issues, such as debt and home repairs, benefit advice, and other support.

The Trust has been working with many other agencies including Age UK, the CAB, housing associations and health staff to ensure people get helped.

This winter Trust staff have visited Southern Vectis pensioners group, and popped into Brannons Cafe in Wootton – all of which enabled some 30 people to be helped with their concerns about high heating bills.

Over the last few weeks you would have found staff braving the cold outside of the Co-op in Ryde and in St Thomas’s Square in Newport.

They have also been visiting local Children’s Centres and meeting parents, volunteers and staff. The Trust is giving talks and information to churches and community groups, and is asking for more referrals from other charities and organisations.

Speaking for The Trust Ray Harrington-Vail said,
“We save most families around £200 a year on their energy bills, so we are well worth talking with!”

The Footprint Trust wishes to help a wide range of people including parents with young children, those seeking to live independently having left care, people who are struggling financially due to bereavement or loss, people who have issues with numeracy and literacy, those who are on low income and older people.

The local Footprint Trust charity recently received The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service due to its pioneering work in helping Islanders.

Carole Walker the charity’s chairman said,
“Thanks to this funding we are able to offer a greater service to those in greatest need. We will not just give guidance on saving energy and access to grants for insulation and new heating systems.

The reason we are calling the project WarmerWight-plus is that we will be referring people to other agencies to gain assistance on other issues. We are founder members of the IsleHelp Partnership, which consists of the main advisory groups on the Isle of Wight. All of which are committed to working closer together to enable a better service for all our clients.”

The Trust is recognised locally and nationally as being able to reach those who often go unnoticed and therefore not helped or assisted.
The WarmerWight-plus project will assist people by the giving the following information;
* How to use energy and water wisely and get the best deal
* To give people skills to understand their energy bills
* Details of ECO and other grants
* To signpost to a network of support services
* To offer training and volunteering opportunities

To contact the WarmerWight-plus project please text or phone 01983 822282
Or email ray@footprint-trust.co.uk


The My Life, a Full Life programme is a new way of delivering health and social care services on the Island to improve the lives of people needing care and support and help them in their own efforts to remain healthy and well. It is led by the Clinical Commissioning Group, the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, The Isle of Wight Council and a wide range of voluntary and community organisations that provide help and care on the Island. Funding from the programme has been awarded to support the Warmer Wight-plus project, which will work in partnership with local agencies to deliver improved support to people on the Island. For more information on the My Life, a Full Life programme visit www.iwight.com/My-Life-a-Full-Life

The WarmerWight-plus project is funded through the My Life a Full Life programme supported by the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Spectrum Housing, Southern Housing, Comic Relief and The Beatrice Laing Trust.

Contacts; Ray Harrington-Vail The Footprint Trust charity 01983 822282.
ray@footprint-trust.co.uk www.footprint-trust.co.uk

The Footprint Trust is a local charity founded in 2002 on the Isle of Wight. It assists over 1,000 people a year through its work in energy conservation. The charity also involves people in a whole range of projects that enhance the environment.

Community Action Awards 2012 – Environmental category.
National Heat Hero Award 2012.
The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2013.