White Goods…

You would hope that the more expensive an appliance the more efficient it might be and long-lasting.

According to Which? reports that is not always the case. Do research before buying.

Were you aware of the new labelling of appliances for their efficiency? Where have the A+, A++, A+++ gone?!



Once installed, read the instruction manual, by doing this you will find out about the most efficient way of running your new machine, and how to care for it.




Register it with the manufacturer so they can keep you informed of any safety or other issues. https://www.registermyappliance.org.uk/

When washing clothes, put on a full load, and if you have solar panels do the washing around midday, to gain maximum benefit from your very own power station!

When using the conventional oven, try and use it for other foods as well. A microwave oven is very efficient, and as it cooks quickly and with little water means that food retains essential vitamins, they are a marvellous energy efficient invention, cheap to buy and cheap to use.

Always follow manufactures instructions with all appliances, to ensure efficient use and safety. If using saucepans always put a lid on it. Lookout for the appliance with the best energy and water efficiency rating.



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